Rules and Regulations


Books and Dress Code

Prescribed textbooks by P.S.E.B workbooks and stationary for each class and subject options are available at the school store on very normal rates. You can buy it from Market even. The Social Model Senior Secondary School believes in the importance of a school uniform and students are expected to look smart.


Social Model Senior Secondary School Improvement Plan


Social Model Senior Secondary School is very proud of our open and honest dialogue with parents and the wider community. To this end, we publicize our priorities for the year ahead and evaluate progress made. The purpose of the School Improvement Plan (SIP) is to provide the framework for continued school improvement. It is the result of discussion, prioritization and strategic action planning at all levels of school life. In addition to the School Improvement Plan each area of the curriculum also has its own departmental / subject action plans based upon the identified whole school priorities.
Effective schools are best identified by a common shared understanding of:
• Where are we now, how well are we doing?
• How well should we be doing?
• What should we aim to achieve this year?
• What must we do to make it happen?
• When we will know if we have achieved success?
With these key questions in mind, these improvement plans will be constantly reviewed and progress monitored against the success criteria identified. Improvement plans can never be fixed in stone. Some plans will be adapted to meet new circumstances and priorities over the coming year. You are encouraged take time to examine the identified whole school priorities and evaluations from the previous school year.


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