Behaviour Policy:


The school promotes good order and discipline and strives to create an atmosphere of mutual respect, tolerance and understanding.

‘To be Learning and to be Safe’
(Core purpose of Social Model Senior Secondary)
1. Staff, students and parents share the responsibility for good discipline around the whole school environment.
2. Staff will maintain good discipline and this leads to effective teaching and learning and a stable and happy community.
3. Everyone should have high expectations and high standards should be valued by all.
4. Staff recognizes and reward good behaviour.
5. Poor behaviour leads to known and enforced consequences.
6. Staff strives to make sanctions and rewards consistent and fair and the school codes are adhered to by all.
7. Staff and students will work together to establish their own essential classroom expectations where necessary, in addition to the ‘7 Steps’.
8. Rewards and sanctions are recorded, monitored and reviewed regularly by maintaining a central log of incidents - bus, extraction from class, internal and external suspension, detentions, inappropriate items and substances, punctuality concerns.
9. Problems should be dealt with at as low a level as possible to achieve a resolution.
10. Persistent problems in lessons should be referred to the Head of Department and more general problems should be referred to Head of House who will refer to their Senior Management link, as appropriate.
11. Student Support will become involved where other strategies and sanctions have been tried and there is documented evidence to support the referral to the Access Co-ordination Team.
12. Referrals should be completed on the appropriate form.
The Ethos of the School.
We believe:
 In respect for others.
 In the health, safety and welfare of others.
 In the good reputation of the whole school - (Appearance, behaviour, politeness, the environment)
 Everyone should achieve their best.
 Each student has the right to learn and teacher the right to teach.
 Everyone has to take responsibility for their own actions.

Home and School Partnership
Partnership with parents is vital in establishing and maintaining good order within the school. We aim to have an open-door policy where parents may come in to school at any time to discuss urgent matters. Parents are encouraged to contact the Form Tutor first when problems or queries arise. The Head of House and Senior Leadership Team are available when possible. In addition, our parent partnership is through:
 Social Model Senior Secondary School Association
 Report Evenings
 Special Events
Communications with parents
 Letters - Individual letters for praise or to report a problem
 General letters of information
 Reports
 Phone Calls - To offer praise, for good work or behaviour.
 To request their support
 Meetings
 Booklets/flyers
 Open Evening
 Special events
We aim to work together to establish ways that school and home can support one another. i.e.
 By providing a caring and stable framework
 By setting good and consistent examples
 By avoiding aggressive behaviour
 By reinforcing good behaviour

Discipline - Rewards and Sanctions
The principle of our positive behaviour policy is that we have clear and consistent rewards and sanctions. We must encourage and reward good behaviour and discourage and sanction unacceptable behaviour. Staff will use the guidelines given to ensure that student behaviour and work is rewarded or sanctioned fairly and consistently.

The Student Record of Achievement forms a fundamental part of our reward system. It:
 Helps to raise student's self-esteem and motivation which should encourage better student behaviour.
 Acts as a file for celebrating a student's progress both in and out of school.
 Is used by students to show others their attainments. (e.g. Further Education & Employers)
 The current rewards are:-
• Verbal praise
• Written praise and/or letters of thanks to students
• Credits
• Certificates
• Good News Card
• Letters home
• Trophies and medals
• Prizes

Students should learn that there are consequences to unacceptable behaviour. The aim of sanctions is to enable students to learn what is unacceptable and to change their behaviour.
The current sanctions are:-
 Response Cost: e.g Letter of apology, community work, repairing damage or making up time
 Supervision with a follow- up of one to one meeting (subject teacher and student) or two to one meeting (HOD, subject teacher and student)
 Head of Department Detention
 Head of House Detention
 Senior Leader Detention
 Letter home
 Punctuality /attendance to lesson card
 Behaviour monitoring
 Internal supervision – students work in isolation for lessons.
 Internal suspension-from lessons, lunch breaks, form times.
 Formal Suspension in line with ESC policy.

School Core Purpose
‘To be Learning and to be Safe’
7 Steps to Success in Lessons
1. Arrive to your lesson on time and begin your pre-lesson routine.
2. Be organized with the correct books and equipment
3. Show good listening skills and follow instructions, asking if you are unsure.
4. Pay attention to special rules for this lesson.
5. Focus on your work and try to be mature and positive.
6. Record your homework accurately.
7. Wait until you are dismissed and then leave the room in an orderly way.


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