Confidentiality Policy:


To ensure that information is kept accurate and sensitive matters are dealt with due care.
1. Information is kept as accurate and objective as possible.
2. Personal information about students and parents is checked twice a year through the issuing of current data checking sheets.
3. Parents are entitled to a copy of the CMIS information held. Information logged on CMIS Events should be accurate and factual with no personal views or comments.
4. Sensitive information on files is carefully checked as far as practicable and a note made if an allegation or a concern has been raised. Such information will only be shared on a need to know basis.
5. Sensitive information is not shared or sensitive issues dealt with in public meetings or places or in front of other students or visitors.
6. When parents or other visitors are in school, staff should try to ensure that private materials relating to students are not displayed.
7. Confidential information where students are named, including minutes of meetings, staff bulletins etc., should be kept in a secure place.
8. All student, staff and parents’ rights to privacy are respected.
9. Occasionally outside agencies request information on students, e.g Police, Probation Service. Staff should ensure that a written request has been received by a senior person from that agency before sharing the information.



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