Code of Conduct


In order to promote ethical behaviour, the Institute requires every student to agree to abide by the Code of Conduct, The Code of Conduct includes the following:

·         Students should be regular and punctual to the classes.


·         Attendance, during all institutional functions, is compulsory for the students in school uniform.


·         Students are not supposed to leave the Institute during the classes.


·         Students must not avoid Institute test / house exams.


·         Students are expected not to wear gaudy skin tight, revealing dresses and skirts.


·         Students will always be in possession of their identity cards.


·         Students must not give ant gift to any employee of the Institute/Mess/Canteen.


·         Students should develop the habit of forming the queue.


·         Students should maintain cleanliness in the campus.


·         No student is allowed to involve the name and campus of the Institute in any publication or outside activity without prior permission of the director-cum-principal.


·         Students must have mutual respect among themselves.


·         Students are to maintain perfect discipline during Educational tours and Industry Interaction, visit sports & culture functions and youth festivals.


·         The use of mobile phones by the students is not permitted within the campus, violation of this instruction can lead to confiscation of the mobile phone.


·         Students found using drugs or indulging in immoral Activities are likely to be expelled.


·         Students should maintain the decorum of the institution.


·         The last date to deposit the fee in school is 10th of every month.



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