Computer Labs

The Social Model Senior Secondary School has spacious Computers Labs with resources to provide a ‘hands-on’ learning experience to students. The labs have all the necessary apparatus to enable the students to navigate related grade wise concepts with ease. We have two computer labs with internet connectivity. In this air conditioned space each child has a computer to learn valuable lessons in collaboration and team work, as well as learn computer skills! We focus on project based learning by self-learning program that helps them improve their math skills. Teachers use a projector and a digital mike to conduct classes.

School Library

We are extremely lucky and proud of our school library.
It is bright and inviting and has over 12,000 titles. Not only does the library house an excellent range of literature and information texts but it is also a place where pupils can enjoy working independently, in groups or with their teachers.
The library provides a stimulating environment with a wide range of multi-media resources that encourage even the youngest pupils to develop reading skills and discover that learning can be fun. In doing this, the library not only supports the formal curriculum but, by promoting learning for pleasure, lays the foundation for a lifetime of learning. Library has a number of workstations with Wi-Fi internet facility
Library skills need to be introduced to pupils from an early age and practiced throughout their school career.
We believe that reading is a very important part of learning. Reading for pleasure as well as research takes place here in our well resourced library. We sometimes call it a Learning Resource Centre because we do so much more than simply stock and loan books. We want students to enjoy coming to the library. It is a quiet welcoming environment where everyone is respected and valued.
The Library is a QUIET place to read, research & work. The librarian is here to help you find the book or information you may want. All you have to do is ask.
Fiction is arranged by alphabetical order by the author’s name. The books have white labels on the spine with the first three letters of the author’s name e.g. Roald Dahl would be DAH.
The non-fiction is arranged by the Dewy Decimal system, which all libraries use. These books have labels with numbers on them. Green which can be borrowed, yellow are reference books and must stay in the library for students to use.
The library runs a Scholastic Book Club where books can be ordered from the magazine.
Throughout the year the library run exciting events that we hope you will become involved in, such as World Book Day, writing book reports on stories that you have enjoyed reading, and more.

New Borrowers
• You can join the Library and have your own Library card
• You can borrow 2 books at a time for 2 weeks.
• You can renew the books and have them longer.
• Please remember to return books on time so that other students can enjoy them too!

Library Opening Times:
Monday to Friday
8.30 a.m. till 4.00 p.m

Also open during break and lunch time.

Homework club
The library hosts the after school homework club that is supervised from 3.15 to 4.15 pm. Students can also gain access to the use of the school network and Internet here after school.

Through our library we aim to:
• Enrich pupils' reading experiences and develop pupils' skills as independent learners
• Provide resources and information required by teachers and pupils
• Extend pupils' reading experiences
• Discover and use new information
• Enable pupils to learn research skills
• Support the teaching and learning process, and extend the School's curriculum
• Have skilled, enthusiastic staff with time allocated for library duties
• Have up-to-date, attractive and suitable resources in a range of media
• Use our funding so we can continue to develop and grow resources
• Present an interesting and stimulating environment

Smart Classes

Smart Classroom is a comprehensive strategy for digital education in Social Model Senior Secondary Schools.
The key to the strategy is that it is student-centric; recognizing the demand, from both students and their parents, for seamless movement between learning at school, home, work and play.
Smart Classroom provides direction for harnessing the learning and business potential of ICT now and into the future.



Language Lab


This lab is the proud possessor of sophisticated equipment i.e. a computer and a two –way speaking system. The latter consists of a headphone which the learner-centric one, which provides the students an opportunity to speak and listen without hesitation.
May the coming years see our students as excellent communicators with the confidence that when they speak, the world listens, understand & admires.



The Schools have an extremely committed and qualified faculty that constantly strives to make learning a pleasurable experience for children and works to realize the potential of each child. The teachers constantly upgrade their professional skills through a multitude if In-house program along with workshops conducted by other schools and experts. Workshops and orientations on a field as divers as life’s skills, subjects enhancement to Effective Stress Management go a long a way in equipping them to strike an admirable balance between home and the workplace and success in both spheres.


Social Model Senior Secondary School has an impressive stage for performance and a seating area for an audience of 1400. It can also be converted into an indoor basketball court. The lower level of the Hall has changing rooms for students during in house and inter-school games and tournaments.



The school is maintaining an excellent fleet of comfortable, well maintained, air conditioned buses with trained staff. The main aim is to provide safe, comfortable and efficient service to our children.
There is no compromise with the safety aspects and guidelines are strictly adhered to.
With a view to keep the parents posted with the movement of the buses, the GPRS is fitted in the buses, SMS is generated on the mobiles of all the parents who wards avail of the school transport regarding their child’s location, besides departure and arrival from school and respective stops and the child’s safety and comfort are foremost importance to Social Model Senior Secondary School.


For a pleasant and fruitful learning experience, it is important that the child takes proper nutrition. School Cafeteria ensures that children are served nutritious, healthy, hygienic and tasty meals and snacks. It helps the student to make healthy food choices. The School canteen serves:-


  • Special Lunch (Changes Every day)

  • Healthy Snacks like sandwiches, veg cutlets, corn salad.

  • Healthy Drinks like juices, coffee, soup, coconut water, lemonade.

  • Dry Snacks like Biscuits, Muffins.

Number of Visitor: