Performing Arts


Our performing arts department is run by our head of Drama, and her team of specialist performing arts teachers.

We have a strong tradition of Drama and Performing Arts. All our students, from Reception to Year 8, are provided with one hour of drama a week. We also offer a Performance studies, which incorporates drama, dance and music and is specially tailored by our team to cater for our students' individual talents and aspirations.

We have enjoyed a huge amount of success in this area over the last few years and we regularly attract students from the other private secondary schools, keen to study performing arts.

Our dedicated teams also provide one on one audition preparation and training for students hoping to study drama or dance at higher education.

At Social Model, we passionately support the notion of offering every student the opportunity to shine in their chosen area of interest. We believe performing arts help our students to gain confidence and develop their team building skills. It also trains them to work to a deadline and develops both their communication skills and their problem solving capabilities.

In addition to our curriculum activities we offer a whole range of extracurricular activities to those students with a passion for performing arts:

Drama Eisteddfod: We regularly have great success at all ages in the Drama Eisteddfod, winning classes, platinum certificates and whole group cups for a variety of disciplines including mime, scripted and dance drama.

Liturgical Dance: Every second year we perform a liturgical dance at our feast day on December. The most recent one documented one woman's fight against breast cancer to the track.

School musical or play: Every second year we put on a musical or play. They are always a resounding success and a sell-out. Students take responsibility for lighting, sound, consume design, make up, set design and creation, program design and development.

House drama and House dance: Our students run these extremely popular events themselves, with support from our Performing Arts team.

Drama club: We run a junior and a senior drama club where students practice and develop their talent.

Activities Week: Activities Week offers fantastic opportunities for drama enthusiasts. We run an 'express production' and a drama trip on alternate years. The express production involves staging a show in four days, performing it on the fifth day.
Many of our students go on forge a career in Performing Arts, with recent alumni working in the music industry, theatre production, make up and musical and acting theatre and theatre management. Others continue to practice their passion while in full time employment or higher education.



















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