Art, Craft and Music


The world speaks to me in colors, my soul answers in music.
Rabindranath Tagore


The primary goal of Art Education program in the Social Model Senior Secondary School is the holistic growth of the individual. We firmly believe that Education in arts is essential to student’s intellectual, social, physical, and only develop the ability to think creatively and critically, but also develop physical coordination and the ability to work both independently and with others. In addition, the creative and practical work encourage students to express themselves in both verbal and non-verbal ways, and can enable them to discover and develop abilities that can prove to be rich sources of pleasure later in life.
Art Education Program comprises of two branches of fine arts.

• Visual Arts
• Drawing & Painting
• Clay modelling/Sculpture
• Performing Arts
• Music
• Dance
• Theatre

The program ensures that at each level of program students not only build skills but also become more comfortable and confident in meeting the challenges of aesthetic life. Art Education Program is planned for all educational levels form pre-school to the senior school. At each grade level, art
experience has been organized with degree of intensity and complexity.





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